Friday, April 28, 2006

So after a year and a half you activate the warranty and he thinks "He totally redeems himself"!

These are some comments that a certain someone left on this website.

Courtesy of Evangeline said..

Although the extended service contract was initially overlooked, the situation has been resolved and the contract has been in full force for some time now.

Lets take apart this statement if we may. The words initially overlooked,


adv : at the beginning; "at first he didn't notice anything strange".
So your saying the contract was initially overlooked meaning once it was realized it was taken care of right away. No way. The contract was purchased in May 2004. It was not submitted until December 2005 and did not take effect until February of 2006. So is this your definition of "initially"? If we decide to get a refund on the warranty "warranty company" said that it would be pro-rated from the purchase date of the vehicle. Why is that if there was no coverage at that time? Also he had never posted on the site before, so when the warranty is "in full force" He decides to come and show himself.
Another comment made-

Courtesy of Evangeline said...

This vehicle was sold as a used vehicle in as-is condition with only the remaining portion of the manufacturer's warranty in effect. The vehicle has been driven approximately 30,000 miles in a little over a year - not what one would typically consider a lemon. Besides, lemon law applies to new vehicles only.

Ok. I love this statement- "as-is condition with only the remaining portion of the manufacturer's warranty in effect." Yes you are right only the manufacturer's warranty was in effect because and I quote "the extended service contract was initially overlooked".

Yes it was driven that in a little over a year, but I have the documentation that the problems arose not long after purchase and were never fixed correctly. Whenever I get the time I will scan up all the documents that I have detailing the repairs and showing how many times it was brought in for service. Can you subtract those miles from the 30,000 for me? Then when the extended warranty went out we had no way of fixing it.

Also please do a search on "
Louisiana's redhibition law is one of the best "lemon" laws in the country. It is available to buyers who find themselves stuck with any kind of lemon-new or used."


Blogger Courtesy of Evangeline said...

We offered a full refund which was foolishly rejected! As a result, we were forced to have the extended service contract activated. This way if he sells the vehicle he will only get a pro-rated refund...we offered the full amount - some people are too clever for their own good.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 4:42:00 PM  

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