Thursday, November 03, 2005

Let's Take a Courtesy Test

Here I'm going to outline some of the reasons I'm upset and quiz you on them. Then later I'll put a complete page describing each detail (probably need more than one page).

1. While shopping for the car and at purchase time I was told the car was used by the general manager. True or False?
False-After doing a CarFax report it showed that the car was originally owned in California by Major Rental Car Agency. It was later purchased by the dealership from an Auto Auction in Texas. Do you know what people do to and in rental cars?

2. Day of purchase I paid for Extended Warranty. True or False?
True-Extended warranty was paid for.

3. Day of purchase I received the coverage from the Extended Warranty. True or False?
False-Paid for Extended Warranty but Warranty Information was never sent in. So what has my money been doing for the last year? Well let's see I've been paying interest on it through the loan that's one thing. Car still has problems with it from the day it was purchased, but you know what? Can't get those problems fixed or the problems that have arisen since then.

4. Dealership was courteous as to admit they were wrong and to make right the warranty. True or False?
False-They did admit they were wrong but made no attempts to offer me the warranty that I paid for and was paying interest on for over a year. They did offer to give my money back for the warranty but made no mention of interest that I will be paying for the next few years, but what good is that to me when the repairs needed on the car far exceed that amount? Isn't that the purpose of a warranty for situations like this?

5. After I called enough times to find out about the non-existent warranty they made multiple attempts to reassure me that they were trying to do something. True or False?
False-If I would have not called repeatedly I probably would not have even heard from them. After finding out about the non-existent warranty they said they would try to reinstate the warranty, well it went over two weeks before my wife went to the dealership to talk to someone. When she inquired about the warranty, Person in charge said in a not nice way " I told your husband we would give him his money Back. So my wife turned away to leave after disgusted with the service and she asks "Well what do you want to do?" in another not nice or "COURTEOUS" way. In fact they still haven't called us to see what we would like to do about it.

6. Three Vehicles were purchased directly through me and a referral. True or False?
True-The day after we purchased the car, I went the next day and purchased a new Jeep Liberty. The following week after seeing my vehicle, my sister bought a new Jeep Liberty. Even after informing them of the three purchases there wasn't any additional sincerity or "COURTESY" from them.

More to come...


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