Thursday, December 08, 2005

Courtesy of Evangeline trying to help us out. Get out the Vaseline.

Well we had another talk with Courtesy(see footnote 1) of Evangeline. Well my wife went to the dealership to speak with the owner. She calls me excited saying that they were going to "PAY OFF OUR VEHICLE"(see footnote 2), and put us in another vehicle at the priced he payed for it. Doesn't all of this sound(see footnote 3) great?

1. Courtesy-
a. Polite behavior. b. A polite gesture or remark. Not very Courteous.
2. Pay off your vehicle-My definition. To pay off completely the total balance owed. Their definition. Well give you nine thousand on the fourteen plus thousand that you owe eventhough you just bought it last year from us for right at seventeen thousand plus the extended warranty of about twelve hundred that does not exist.
3. sound-
A mental impression; an implication. It sounded good on the surface but wasn't a good deal.

He said he was trying to help us out by getting us out of that old car. (Old? purchased May 2004. Help us out, or let us help you out by lining the pockets a little more.) If car was repaired and in good working order we would not want to get rid of it and loose five or six thousand dollars in the process of a trade-in.
He said he would sells us the vehicle at what he paid for it and not make a dime? Come on now. Not make any money at all?
My wifed asked if he would buy the car back and let us go somewhere else but he said he would loose money that way.
What about the money he made on our two purchases of vehicles and extended warranties? He made 100% profit on one (contract) because it was never sent in. Also the direct referral of my sister purchasing a new vehicle a week after ours. Also I'm sure he would give us 9,000 for our car and turn around and sell it for around 14,000 and 15,000. But he isn't worried about us. He isn't worried about me or my family who are riding in an unsafe vehicle, which the airbag light comes on constantly. What is the airbag deploys while driving? Nope he doesn't want to loose money.

Please reread this paragraph which I posted on my site approx. two weeks before we spoke to the dealership. Especially the last two paragraphs. This is exactly what they wanted us to do, trade it in and loose about five or six thousand dollars on the deal.

If you feel you have a lemon please don't hesitate to research it. A car is one of your biggest purchases you will make next to a home. You don't want to get stuck with a $20,000 flower pot. Please don't take everything a dealership has to say for granted. They don't want you to know about lemon laws, non mentioned bulletins, and things like that. They want you to trade your car in(which could possibly be considered a lemon) and buy a new car with them and loose thousands in the process because of the way cars depreciate the second you drive off of the lot.
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