Monday, November 07, 2005

We're Really In A Pickle................Actually a LEMON

So what now? We purchased a 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible last year still under factory warranty. I purchased the extended warranty because of the expensive motor that is used to bring the top up and down and for any other things that would come up. After purchasing the vehicle the air-bag light comes on, so we bring it in for service. Well they say it's this, fix it, nope still not it, oh it's this, nope still not it, well it works for a lil while and oops back on again. Long story short, a year later airbag light comes on every few days, cigarette lighter doesn't work, read defroster doesn't work, passenger side seat belt locks up half the time, tail light keeps burning out, gas gauge reads incorrectly. And you know what the best thing about this is? I can't get it fixed because someone didn't send in the extended warranty. So who is at fault?

Well this was supposed to be my wife's car, boy was I wrong. I will not let my wife or kids ride in a car that is basically a ticking time bomb. First of all if the car is involved in an accident who knows if the air bags will deploy? My wife has already gotten stranded twice on the side of the road with our two year old daughter because of the gas gauge reading incorrectly and ran out of gas. Who is responsible if something happens to them?

If I can give you just one tip if you have purchased a new vehicle is this, "Keep all records, receipts, documentation if you talk to anyone on the phone(their name, extension, title, time and date), and anything else related to your automobile.

Here is another website with useful lemon law info.


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